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Bounce House Rentals, Safety First

Bounce Houses For Rent

While inflatable castles represent a healthy fun and its use is very versatile, we must not forget that we are dealing with children, and mostly, a large number of them, that is why we must be aware of their safety and inflatable World wants to provide you this work, giving you some tips to consider.

Some suggestions to ensure users of inflatable games are:

  • Follow the instructions for correct installation and use of inflatable castle.
  • Do not mount or use inflatable with strong winds.
  • Make sure the inflatable is anchored properly and safely.
  • Make sure that no bumps or holes in the structure, which can jam clothes.
  • Ensure strict adult supervision when the inflatable castle is used.
  • Confirm that the users when entering the inflatable castle shoes, eyeglasses and sharp objects are removed before entering the castle for the safety of themselves and other users.
  • Do not allow users to upload to the walls.
  • Limit the number of children playing inside in a given that there is enough space for infants safely fun time.
  • Do not deflate the team while the children are playing in or near the inflatable.
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