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Bounce House Rental is a full service party rental company located in Miami and serving Broward and Palm Beach County areas, FL


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Your kids party is ahead, and they keep going on and on about how they want something fun and original, and of course, something that beats the neighbors kids last party! As the awesome parent you are, nothing will make you happier than giving your little ones what they want; but sadly, you are exhausted of all the work you do, and also, your financial status. well, lets say it could be better. Do not worry! At Bounce House Rental, we have a wide variety of Inflatable: Bounce Houses and Jumpers! What kid would nott want a Jumper for his birthday?

At this point, we know you are thinking: my house is too small for a Jumper, well, think again! We have jumpers all sizes that can fit in almost any space! Cool, is not it? And it keeps getting better; we offer the best prices of the market. So, we can work on a budget and adjust it according to your necessities. We also offer you the chance to customize your Mini Inflatable depending on the theme of your party with no extra charges! Just go to our website and check our Jumpers catalog and let your kids select the one they love the most! Or choose one yourself and give your child the best birthday party of his life!

Bounce House Rental, offers a big range of products to satisfy any kids, or parents, demands. We also have Water Slides, for an amazing pool birthday party. Simply visit our website, we guarantee you we have an Inflatable that will fulfill your desires. We have a wide variety for you to choose from.

So, now that the entertainment is set, you have to think about the food! No party is complete without the food. At Bounce House Rental, we have a set of kids, and parents, favorites. From Margarita Machine, Popcorn and Cotton Candy machines, to Hot Dog Car and Snow Cone Machines. We even have a Bubble Machine! Come to our web site and click on the Fun Food section. We can assure you your kids birthday party will be a total knockout, even better than the last one!

You can count on Bounce House Rental to make your kids party an occasion that everyone in the neighborhood will remember! Call us at (786) 378-9762. For more info, you can Email us at and do no forget to visit our website

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