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Bounce House Rental Safety and Rules

Bounce House Rentals Rules

Although inflatables are very fun and healthy, remember that they can also be dangerous if you do not have adequate supervision, then we leave in this blog some tips to make the day of your party is unforgettable enjoyable and not quite the opposite. When the group of children or users is more than 10 people, it is recommended that The attendant (s) should be equipped with a whistle to catch the attention of a particular user or group of users. The work system should ensure that users are admitted to the inflatable in a controlled and safe manner.

All Inflatables including: Bounce Houses, Water Slides, Inflatable Games have to have adult supervision at all times, without neglecting an instant, remember that especially children are unpredictable. For all this we recommend that users follow the rules printed on the inflatable.

In all inflatable are made in USA, fire resistant, Lead free, mesh Windows and Licensed Inflatables Thus ensuring the most advanced designs and safety in the industry.



Attendant, Parent Representative must:

  • Ensure that all users remove footwear (except socks) or dangerous objects, such as buckles, feathers, keys, knives, etc.
  • Do not let anyone jump on the step / front platform. It is to help users get on and off the bounce house.
  • Do not allow anyone to climb or hang onto the outer walls of inflatables.
  • Do not allow users to enter who are higher than the outer walls of inflatables when inflated.
  • Ensure that users who use the inflatables at the same time should all be of a similar size.
  • Older children should not be allowed to enter small inflatables.
  • Prevent negligent or reckless or intentional behavior, including rough play clash with other users.
  • Offenders should be treated for immediate expulsion.
  • The most likely cause of damage to users is due to collisions between them.
  • All attendees should observe the activity on the inflatables throughout the time when it is in use, should not allow rough play.
  • The attendant should make sure that the inflatables are not overcrowded and that the youngest children are separated from the larger and more bustling one.

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