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Is healthy rent a bounce house, water slide or inflatable game for a party?

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In Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, physical inactivity and childhood obesity represent a current problem, and we feel that is an issue that concerns us Inflatable Bounce House Rentals, since we work with tools that can help defuse this situation.

Currently the technology facilitated many areas of daily life, but it is also true that these practicalities brought an increase in sedentary lifestyles, causing factor, among others, of childhood obesity. Video game consoles with computers choose as a resource to the amusement of the boys, this coupled with poor eating habits contribute to this phenomenon.

And it is in this second element, physical activity, which involved inflatable games due to three major factors why is healthy entering a bouncy house, jumpers or water slides:

Physical exercise: Same features inflatable platform require running, jumping, rolling and everything the child sees able to perform once it is inside. Without external pressure, how it looks in competitive sports, the infant inside an inflatable castle free to do whatever you want, in a controlled and safe environment is. And if we consider the elastic and in the case of larger beds, mechanical bull, our possibilities are endless.

Imagination develops: If anything characterizes the boys is his capacity for imagination, the power to create worlds where natural laws do not exist. Inflatable castles, given its characteristics enhance this possibility. And imagination is also health, a boy with a creative mind someone with moon developed, able to see things differently and cope better.

Tool Socialization: How many guys fit in an inflatable castle? More than one of course! , this translates to communication, from a soft place in the garden , to the neighborhood square , children playing and having fun creating links represents , at an age where they feel "part of party" is important. Inflatable games come to accompany this are the medium in which kids and girls, interact and coexist, playing and being kids.

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